Using the PC 
to take a photograph of my phantasy


These are some of the first pictures I did using raytracing.

Please click to enlarge (some really are LARGE)!

My very first picture!

A simple shape

First steps in creating a scene

First steps, this time in yellow

Light is difficult...

There's a long way to go...


Looks like a moonbase

The Prototype

An airport

Another view of the airport

Hangar view

For the first 6 pictures I used either no modeler at all or a shareware-version of "Midnight Modeler". The last 6 pictures are completely created using"Moray for Windows". For rendering I use Povray (DOS and later WindowsNT). Please ask me before you use one of the pictures for your own work.

Do not hesitate to send me some comments about the pictures! I am always trying to get better!

Some more of my newer pictures are at my old website (this link goes to the archive - not everything may work properly!).