A bit of genealogy

Tthe family Guhl I am part from probably has it's roots in Southwest Germany, close to Basel. "Guhl" means "cock" (and ONLY the bird! See the coat of arms) in the accent they speek (or at least spoke) there. Some centuries ago my ancestors apparently moved to the small town Steckborn at the lake of constance. In the "reformation" (the time when the protestants left the catholic church) Steckborn became protestant and a part of the family Guhl moved to Homburg, a small village some kilometers up the hill. The part remaining in Steckborn and therefore becoming protestant is the part I (more or less) directly come from.

In 1995 I collected some information about my family using a genealogy-software. It produced a rather large Image (33 Kbyte gif) which is at the moment all I have (except the coat of arms). Sorry for the poor quality and the large picture.

If you can give me some additional information about the name please send me an e-mail!

Some more Guhls can be found in the linkpages! I don't know if they are relatives of mine...